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RoS Skinpack 2015 Empty RoS Skinpack 2015

Post by Okiba on Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:11 pm

DOWNLOAD : download/p2kujakta6is0al/RoSSkinPack.pk3

RoS Skinpack 2015 647535SKINPACK2

(some of the skins, but there are way more)

Contains around 60 skins :p (among that, some secrets!)

14u2NV (by silver)
Alex_merc (by silver ft okiba)
Apple (by okiba)
Blackgras (by okiba)
Creed (by okiba)
Cyo (little remake by okiba)
Danny (by okiba)
Desto (by okiba)
Django (by okiba)
Enigma (by okiba)
Evil (by okiba)
Executor (by okiba) //secret unfinished
Exi (by Exi)
Feely (by okiba)
Feely_assassin (by okiba) // secret
Flyer (by Flyer)
Glock (by okiba)
Goldfinger (by okiba)
Gott (by okiba)
Guitarman (by Guitarman fr okiba)
Hyrule (by okiba)
Icey (by okiba)
Inferno (by okiba)
Itazura (by okiba)
K!ll3r (by silver)
Kakashi (by okiba)
Kameleon (by okiba ft kamel)
Kapersky (by okiba)
Killahkeezy (by okiba)
Lazar (by okiba)
Mania (by okiba)
Maskes (by okiba)
Mick (by mick ft okiba)
Miso (by okiba)
Never (by okiba)
Next (by okiba)
Northgate (by okiba)
Okiba (by okiba)
Ranger (by okiba)
Sadow (by okiba)
Screen (by okiba)
Sept (by okiba)
Shadow (by okiba)  //secret
Shi (by okiba)
Silver (by silver)
Someniak (by okiba)
Someno (by okiba)
Spike (by okiba)
Spikev2 (by okiba)
Sushi (by okiba)
Syzn (by okiba)
Toxic (by toxic)
Velvet (by okiba)
Wasp (by okiba)
Yasuo (by okiba ft yauso)
Yuno (by okiba)

I repeat here again, I wont skin/mod anymore so dont even dare asking me somtheing!
If anyone wanna continue this skinpack, feel free to. The font on icons is called "Stencil Bold"


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